Food Safety


Our management has defined, documented and communicated the food safety policy that states;

"We at Rwenzori Commodities Ltd are committed to providing only safe and highest quality Black Tea (CTC) and Green Tea to our customers by ensuring food safety throughout all stages of production, including the Supply chain and delivery processes, using effective communication. We maintain effective process controls and do apply Prerequisite Programs and Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points across the entire food chain in order to satisfy our customers."

The objectives of our Policy are as follows;

  • To observe and maintain the requirements of the ISO 22000:2005 standard and those of the Uganda National Bureau of Standards in our tea in order to meet the requirements of our customers.

  • To monitor all potential food safety hazards within our food chain as identified in the HACCP plan and evaluate the control measures assigned to each hazard to ensure that they work effectively.

  • To promote recruitment of competent personnel, carry out evaluations of all new staff members during and after probation to ascertain the need for more training or termination and to carry out quarterly training of all staff in relation to food safety.

  • To conduct quarterly analysis of our tea (dryer exit) to ensure continued compliance to the requirements of the Uganda National Bureau of Standards.

  • To verify that our food chain continually meets the requirements of the ISO 22000:2005 standard through conducting internal audits twice a year, and updating of the food safety management system after every three years.

  • To provide information to workers through notice boards or workers’ representatives and section heads, communicate and inform management heads through scheduled monthly/quarterly/bi-annual/annual meetings and to gather information by use of suggestion boxes.

  • To collaborate with Government Agencies (local government, UNBS, NUPAWU, NWSC, NEMA, NSSF), other certification bodies (Rainforest Alliance) and service providers to increase knowledge, provide customer awareness, promote consumer safety and implement the best practices in agriculture and manufacture.



  1. Food Safety Team Leader: Mr. Thomas Joseph & Miss Atusinguza Sarah
  1. Production Managers: Mr. Ramesh, Mr. Murugan Raju  & Mr Vinod Krishna
  1. Quality Assurance Managers: Mr. Masiko John, Mr. Nyamutale William & Mr Raman
  1. HR Manager: Ms. Namirembe Rukia
  1. Maintenance & Service: Mr. Olir Alfred, Mr. Kabwa Juma & Mr Bukenya Joseph
  1. Health Service: Clinical Officers: Mr. Rujumba Brian, Mr. Atuhaire John & Mr Rumanyika Simon
  1. Raw Material Quality: Mr. Rutagwera Dominic, Mr. Regu Chandran & Mr. Baguma Lawrence





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